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QlikView and Qlik Sense - Important Security Fix now available in new Service Releases and Patches

Qlik releases new QlikView Service Releases and new Qlik Sense Patches to address a security vulnerability.

Dear Qlik users,

Today we have released four new service releases across all currently supported major versions of QlikView* and six new patches across the latest versions of Qlik Sense. If you are using the following versions, this information is for you:

  • QlikView 11.20 up to SR18
  • QlikView 12.00 any (the product has reached the end of life)
  • QlikView 12.10 up to SR10
  • QlikView 12.20 up to SR8,
  • QlikView 12.30 up to SR1 
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise any 2017 version or prior
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise February 2018 up to Patch 4
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise April 2018 up to Patch 2
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise June 2018 up to Patch 2,
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise September 2018 up to Patch 4 
  • Qlik Sense November 2018 up to Patch 3
  • Qlik Sense February 2019 up to Patch 1
  • Qlik Analytics Platform: see Qlik Sense Enterprise

These new service releases and patches include a fix for a security vulnerability, details of which can be found in Security Bulletin SB 000069985.

Known internally as QLIK-94388, each new service release and patch includes, at the minimum, the fix for this vulnerability. The patches for the following Qlik Sense releases also includes other, non-security related bug fixes.

  • June 2018 Patch 3
  • September 2018 Patch 4
  • November 2018 Patch 4

For release notes and details, please refer to our download site or Qlik Support Updates Blog

The information in this post and Security Bulletin 000069985 are disclosed in accordance with our published Security and Vulnerability Policy.

* QlikView 12.00 is no longer officially supported.   QlikView 11.20 is under Extended Support.

Kind Regards
Qlik Support

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