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How To Lease License From QlikView Server To QlikView Desktop Client

000002480 |11/06/2018
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There are several ways of licensing your QlikView Desktop; with a Desktop License (Local Client License) or by Leasing a license from QlikView Server.
This article will go through:
  • When to use License Lease and the prerequisites
  • Required settings on QlikView Server and steps to take in QlikView Desktop
  • QlikView 11 and newer


When to use License Lease

Use License Lease if you don't have a QlikView Desktop license or if running out of QlikView Desktop licenses.

Prerequisites for leasing a license

The following prerequisites must be met to lease a license from QlikView Server
  • Special Edition: "Test" must not be in the LEF
  • Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition of QlikView Server
  • Named user CALs on the server license
  • CAL assigned to user
  • LICENSE_LEASE;NO;; must not be in the LEF

Settings in QlikView Management Console

The following settings are required in QlikView Management Console (QMC) on the QlikView Server
  • System > License > QlikView Server > Client Access Licenses (CALs) > General > Check 'Allow license lease'
  • System > License > QlikView Server > Client Access Licenses (CALs) > Assigned CALs > Select the specific user > Assign CAL

Leasing License from QlikView Server

In order to lease a license from QlikView Server the following steps needs to be done on the client:

Option 1: (If User domain and server authentication are the same)

Note: Port 4747 needs to be opened between the Client and the Server
  1. Launch QlikView Desktop client
  2. From the menu, go to  File -> Open in Server...
  3. Enter the address to QlikView Server using the qvp protocol (example: qvp://myserver )
  4. Hit Connect
  5. Open a document.  The license is now leased from the Qlikview Server
  6. Close and relaunch QlikView Desktop client. You should now be able to work with local documents and the client is fully licensed.

Option 2: (If custom authentication mechanism is used - v10 SR4 and later)

  1. Open the QlikView Desktop client
  2. From the menu, goto Settings > User Preferences
  3. Go to the Locations tab and select QlikView Server AccessPoint (URL)
  4. Click the Modify... button
  5. Enter the URL to the QlikView AccessPoint, configured using Custom Authentication
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Apply then OK
  8. From the menu, go to Tools > Open QlikView AccessPoint
  9. Login using the custom credentials
  10. Open a document if a User CAL has not already been assigned. The license is now leased from the QlikView Server
  11. Close and relaunch QlikView Desktop client. You should now be able to work with local documents and the client is fully licensed.

**Note - It has been noticed, in several of the more "locked down" US Derpartment of Defense accounts, when the customer upgraded the desktop from WIN 7 to WIN10 the File > Open In Server was not effective. 

Leasing a license was successful by navigating to Access Point and opening a dashboard via IE Plugin**


Important information

  • The Leased License is valid for 30 days. You  then need to reconnect to the QlikView Server in order to renew the Leased License
  • It is not possible to lease a license with a QlikView Server test license
  • If there is a document restriction on the QlikView Server license, meaning the QlikView Server license only allows for a certain number of documents, license lease is not possible. The following entry in the LEF file on the QlikView Server will prevent leasing a license: NUMBER_OF_DOCUMENTS;3;;  
  • License lease only allows a borrowed cal to be used twice in a 24 hour / 7 day period, depending on the version. This can cause problems if the user connects to many different servers in a Citrix "Farm" during this time. A single user can lease up to two licenses to two separate workstations within a 24 hour / 7 day period. An attempt to lease a third license in a 24 hour / 7 day period will be revoked if the same User ID is used. Additionally, the existing license lease of the third machine, should there be one previously existing, will be revoked in the case where the same User ID has leased a license from two other workstations in the previous 24 hour / 7 day period. The third machine will however be able to lease a license after 24 hours / 7 days have passed.  
    • Quarantine Period For Named User And Document CALs In QlikView Has Changed:
      The quarantine time for Named User and Document CALs will be set to 7 days by the following deliveries;
      QlikView 11.20 SR18
      QlikView 12.00 SR6 
      QlikView 12.10 and later

Please see QlikView License Leasing Technical Brief Paper on Qlik Community for more technical details on how License Lease works in QlikView.

Refer to Troubleshooting QlikView License Lease Issues for further assistance. 

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